Can my Uber or Lyft driver see how much I tip?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Dec 19, 2017
Updated Oct 25, 2022


Now that both Uber and Lyft allow you to tip your driver through the app, many riders are worried that drivers will rate passengers based on the amount they tip. Here is how both Uber and Lyft reveal how much passengers tip. 


Uber drivers do not see their tip amounts until after they have rated you. In fact, Uber drivers have to rate their passengers before they can even accept another fare. In the Uber driver app the driver must swipe to complete the ride and at that point they are immediately taken to a ratings screen. This makes it so that the driver cannot continue on to another ride, or use any other in-app features for that matter, until they complete the rating process.


With Lyft, it is still highly unlikely that a driver would be able to rate you based on a tip -- but it is possible. When a Lyft driver finishes a trip the app gives them a set short amount of time to rate their passenger. If the driver does not complete the rating in time, Lyft will automtically give 5 stars to the rider and set the driver up with the next passenger. Here is where things get tricky, Lyft recently started allowing drivers to edit the rider feedback/rating up until 24 hours after a completion of a ride. This means Lyft drivers could potentially review their trip receipts and rate each differently based on the tip amount. This is assuming of course that you tipped directly after the Lyft ride (Lyft passengers have up to 24 hours to add a tip).

On the other side, in the passenger apps for Uber and Lyft, the rider receives a notification signaling the end of a ride after the driver is at the rating screen, and can take their time with ratings, tips, etc. The driver will eventually see if you tipped either after completing the rating for the rider (Uber) or during the next day’s earnings email summary (Lyft). Again, as you can see, it would still be difficult for a Lyft driver to rate you based on tip as the timing would have to work out perfectly within that 24 hour period.

If you are happy with you driver and would like to tip, make sure to also leave a comment saying something to the effect of “I tipped you $5 for your awesome music choices!” as they will be much more likely to notice your tip. Many drivers won’t pay attention to who tipped during each ride but the total tip amount that they received for that day – your comment will help to make your tip stand out!

After the many driving expenses and commissions drivers must pay to the rideshare corporations, drivers do not make as much as you would think. Tips are always appreciated by drivers for a job well done!

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      Ive used Lyft twice for a 25 minute ride and I tipped 5 and then 10 dollars bc Im aware the pay is low. A stupid acquaintance of mine said "drivers are happy with their job and make good money". Um no. They seem happy bc thats what they need to do for the job and for high ratings, but they arent paid enough. I will continue to tip as much as Im reasonably able.

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    I tip on 100% of my trips and I noticed my rider rating is 4.87.  I'm guessing a few haven't liked me for some reason (although I have no idea....I'm pretty easy).  What I'd like to know is if drivers feel bad if they rate a rider low and later see that they've tipped.

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    This is not accurate.  Drivers can indeed see the tip amount and do rate riders accordingly.  Most give riders until the end of the day or right before the 24 hour rating window expires before changing the riders rating.

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