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Need a ride at 2:30am Saturday morning

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 Posted 6 years, 6 months ago

We (2 persons) need a ride at 2:30am on a Sautrday morning from NE Washington, dC to Reagan National Airport for an upcoming 6:30am international flight.  Could there be a problem if we wait until that Friday to request a car for 2:30am Saturday pick up?  Would you recommend we request the car now to allow drivers to see it to increase the chance of us getting a driver for that time? This would be my first time seeking a ride at this time of the day so I am rather nervous about the possibility of a driver not being available.  Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated. 

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     6 years ago

    Hello Lilly.

    It's assuring to know rides should be available even at that hour of the night.  Thank you for your reply!