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Riders. Which Uber/Lyft options and features are most important to you?

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 Posted 1 month, 4 weeks ago

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This is a question for the riders of rideshare services.

1) Vehicle options and Car Types

2) Surge pricing policies

3) Pricing and fare transparency

4) Frequent rider discounts, memberships, and and promotions

5) Pooling options and multi-rider discounts

6) Fare splitting among riers

7) Reputation

8) Driver availability


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    978 Rider Driver
     1 month ago

    Pricing and fare transparency.  I want to know what I'm going to pay so I can make an informed financial decision before committing.

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    310 Rider
     1 month ago

    With limo and taxi companies, I used to pay attention to reputation, but with rideshares, it's not like you have any choice. It's between Uber and Lyft.

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    12 Rider
     1 month ago

    Pricing and availability. But those almost go without saying.   

    since I’m starting to consider taking Uber three times a week for commuting purposes so the frequent rider and loyalty programs could be high on my list. 

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     1 month ago

    I just want to get to my destination, so... Driver Availability probably.