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Should Uber be held responsible for the rape case its driver is facing?

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 Posted 3 months ago

Uber driver convicted of raping female passenger, faces 20 years in prison


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    1453 Rider Driver
     3 months ago

    If his background investigation didn't show anything, then no, Uber is not responsible.  However, if the background check showed ANYTHING at all, Uber should have conducted a deeper investigation IMO and does assume some degree of liability.

    Personally i think new drivers should have to pay a fee for their own investigation AND receive a copy.  Let's get some skin in the game and also reduce the number of people that apply but never gain approval because of their records, which is a huge waste of dollars for Uber.

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       2 months ago

      Interesting, I like that idea of drivers paying a fee for their background check.

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    80 Driver
     3 months ago

    UBER needs to have better background checks - no question about it.  But, if the guy had no priors recorded then UBER is not liable.  IF he had prior issues then UBER would have some responsibility as they hired him.  But what about the friend of the drunk female?  She put her friend in an UBER Line in a very intoxicated condition and was not there watching over her.  Ladies don't get that drunk and NEVER trust an intoxicated friend to keep you safe. There are weirdos everywhere.

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    6964 Rider Driver
     3 months ago

    He supposedly had no criminal record. If that is true than no Uber should not be held responsible. Although they need to perform better background checks. Third party background checks are not the best source of info. FBI fingerprinted checks should be performed. Not that this gives that piece of shit the right to rape this woman but WTH is wrong with her friend? Why would you put her in an Uber when she was passed out? She sent her Uber pool. Great friend. Ladies choose your friends wisely and stop being so intoxicated that you are either passed out or too drunk to take care of yourself. 

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     3 months ago

    Uber didn't do anything wrong. They can't be responsible for everything drivers do. Come on'.

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     3 months ago

    All about the negligence 

    Didn't that dude have a prior? If Uber's background didn't catch it, then yes, they are liable!