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Las Vegas Uber driver pummeled by passengers in attack caught on video

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524 Rider Driver
 Posted 5 years, 6 months ago


Scary stuff... stay safe out there guys. They will catch these a-holes and they will be punished.

Two young men who last week allegedly attacked an Uber driver after the man refused to give the pair a ride were arrested by Las Vegas authorities Tuesday.

The driver, who asked not to be named, told FOX5 he picked up the men at an apartment near the city's convention center last week and immediately noticed something was off.

After realizing passengers requested one rider through UberPool and the two were underage, he canceled their request and asked to leave the car.

“When he asked them to leave they started throwing punches at him," the driver's son told FOX5.


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    447 Rider Driver Driver
     5 years ago

     Why wasn't that plastered all over the media two young Black guys picking on a helpless slightly old White driver ????   instead we are forced to watch a black guy in New Jersey foaming from his mouth who is  bipolar asking for a glass of water in a police pct. 

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     5 years ago

    OMG that poor driver. Thank god he got that on camera.

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      275 Rider Driver
       5 years ago

      Yep, this is why you invest in a dash cam.

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     5 years ago

    The guy in the back punched the driver in the head from behind. Big man. Then the guy in the passenger seat decided to join in and threw the weakest punch I have ever seen. Did he even hit anything? These guys should be in jail.

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    422 Rider Driver
     5 years ago

    Daammn. What a couple of cowards. Punching from behind. Can't wait to hear the news that they were caught.

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    205 Rider Driver
     5 years ago

    Yikes. You hear about things like this... and it's like, what could this guy have done? Watch the video. These two kids are sociopaths.