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Uber and Lyft will continue to screw you - here's why!

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 Posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Talking to drivers on a daily basis has clearly illuminated one of the biggest issues with the current rideshare model. Drivers have only one product they can sell, and therefore a single revenue source. Take PAX from point A to point B, done. If Uber and Lyft decide they want to change anything about this single product/service, it will ALWAYS directly affect driver income. And perhaps you have noticed, they aren't saying "Hey, let's just give the drivers more money". No, quite the opposite.

This opens the door for competition. And, the competition recognizes that drivers are the backbone of the entire system. Enter Tryp Rides, whose model is simple - give the drivers 100% of everything, fares, tips, wait and cancellation charges

Even better, give drivers 4 products to sell versus a single product. And, make these products recurring. Recurring simply means sell the product once, and get paid on it forever. That should make you very interested!

Here are the products with Tryp:

  1. Take PAX from point A to B (and keep 100% of everything)
  2. Share the rider app, get paid EVERY TIME they use it (whether they use with you or not, you get paid)
  3. Earn a referral bonus EVERY TIME you refer another driver (this is NOT a temporary thing, it happens EVERY TIME!)
  4. Get paid MONTHLY on driver referrals, again and again,  month after month (this is crazy, Uber and Lyft will never do this)

Want to see how the model works? Visit our website or read more about our 4 product model.


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