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"Too far - Please cancel" Hearing this way too many times lately

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 Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

How is this okay?  

This isn't mine, but I get this constantly too. If they have a problem for whatever reason (I assume pay?), take it up with Uber. Consumers shouldn't have to deal with this. 


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     1 year ago

    I have had drivers literally drive right past me before and then just circle blocks around me waiting for me to cancel. So annoying.

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     1 year ago

    This is something Uber really needs to address... It's a big problem.

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     1 year ago

    This has been happening for a while.  They don't want to disrupt their streak or incur bad karma with their boss so they make the driver cancel.  (plus they may get some payments if the rider cancels last minute)

    One time, my driver claimed his car broke down and told me to cancel.  Right outside of Miami airport. Huh?