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Too Many Fake Uber Drivers Cost Service Its License in London

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1218 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

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Unauthorized drivers set up fake accounts and picked up passengers who thought they were legit, and this happened 14,000 times, says Transport for London. 



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     1 week ago

    This was essentially a hack, right?  How did that happen? I can’t imagine regular drivers being savvy enough to be hacking a computer system of Uber.

    So there was some elaborate scheme to have unauthorized drivers picking up people?  Who are these people?  People who wanted to drive but got denied?

    Was there some organized syndicate that helped those poor who just wanted to work?  Like the Underground Railroad of the American 1800s?

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      OP 1218 Rider Driver
       1 week ago

      It's not as difficult as you think, this happens in every city including where I drive Los Angeles. It's not a hack, Uber simply does not have systems in place to catch the fraudsters.