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Uber CEO tries UberEats and makes...craploads

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 Posted 2 years, 10 months ago

Dara tries UberEats and makes $106 in half a day, over $33 an hour. Posts results.


It has propaganda written all over it. Is this even realistic. 


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     2 years ago

    " As a concession to labour groups, the companies put in a provision that they would offer stipends to subsidise their workers’ private healthcare " slope game

    This was not a concession to labor groups, it was a successful attempt to get California voters to vote for their ballot proposition.

    So this techie multi-millionaire forgets (or never knew) that commission delivery is "a competitive team sport" - i.e. You compete against your own teammates. He can't go on a bike ride for its own sake; he has to take another $106.71 from Uber delivery workers.

    I've lived in San Francisco since 1982, my Dad was stationed here during WW II. Techies have ruined this once great city.

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     2 years ago

    this is obviously a publicity stunt. The only reason Data Khosrowshahi would even drive (or bike?) for Uber Eats is for marketing and the fact he posted the results is also a marketing scheme.  It's a part of their current initiative to bring drivers back on the market.

    Now, I am not saying he didn't make this much. Who knows, maybe this is real in San Francisco. I'd just take it with a grain of salt, and how is probably the best case scenario.

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    38 Rider
     2 years ago

    I am sure the system knew it was the BOSS.

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       2 years ago

      LOL exactly! He was sent every good ride for sure.