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Uber has hired a former Expedia exec to head HR [Recode]

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 Posted 3 years, 10 months ago

Nikki Krishnamurthy is replacing Liane Hornsey.

Uber has hired Nikki Krishnamurthy as its new head of human resources. She replaces Liane Hornsey, who left the company under a controversy around how the ride-hailing company handled issues of racial discrimination.

Krishnamurthy is coming to Uber from Expedia, where she had worked with Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. (I had called Uber months ago after she left Expedia in June when I heard she had the job and they said no then — but it is now a yes!)

She will be in charge of Uber’s human resources, recruiting, workplace and diversity and inclusion units. The company has 20,000 employees globally. Besides her job as head of HR at Expedia, Krishnamurthy also ran its Expedia Local Expert division, which helped users book events and other activities.

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     3 years ago

    If my last name was like theirs , I would wear a paper bag over my head.

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       3 years ago

      I’m sure Liane had tough middle school days.  We all know what her nickname must have been 

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     3 years ago

    Interesting that Expedia execs are flocking to Uber like this

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     3 years ago

    I don't envy anyone who tries to take on Uber HR lol