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Uber Now Allows Drivers to Leave Feedback for Passengers

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 Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

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They could always leave us ratings but now they can leave us feedbacks. I thought passenger rating pretty much meant nothing. I mean, Uber can't say no to money.  No riders, no work.    I guess it encourages the riders to improve. 

"On Tuesday, the ride-share company announced that it’s rolling out the feature in a new app update, which will allow drivers to give feedback to the rider if that equals less than a five-star rating. The process will work much like passengers giving drivers feedback. If your driver thinks you’re deserving of less than five stars, they’ll then be prompted to address “what went wrong?”

OK, so that's all good and all, right?  Take a look at the selections.

Preselected options include “wait time,” “patience,” “number of riders,” “attitude,” “wanted another route” or “other.” If you receive the same complaint twice within 30 days, Uber will send you a notification that your behavior in the one area is affecting your rating."

Wha...  "wait time" can be a reason for negative feedback?  or "number of ridiers?"   and "patience?"  None of this makes sense.



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     1 year ago

    OP, to your point.  What will Uber do if the rider continues to misbehave, i.e. receive the same feedback?  My guess?  Nothing.

    Do riders ever get booted if their ratings are too low?  

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     1 year ago

    My guess:

    "wait time" --> "Made me wait too long. You asshole"

    "Patience." --> "You weren't patient.  You asshole."

    "wanted another route."-->"How dare you think you know better routes than I am.  You asshole."