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Do Uber drivers reserve 5 star passenger ratings for those who tip?

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3419 Rider Driver Driver
 Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

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     1 year ago

    Drivers have to rate the passengers immediately after the ride.  Well, more specifically, they have to before they can accept another ride.   

    The driver can indeed look up how much tip was left by looking at the financial statements. (at least with Lyft, you can.)   

    So technically, if the driver completes a ride, and do not need a new request, he can wait until the statement arrives, and then check the tip amount before going back to the app and leaving a feedback.

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      320 Rider Driver
       1 year ago

      actually, with Lyft, you can now leave feedback 24 hours later.

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        Rider Driver
         8 months ago

        Driving lyft I rate passenger 4 stars unless really nice if they don’t tip. If they tip within 24 hours I will change it back to 5

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     1 year ago

    Well, drivers can't see what you are tipping, so the answer is no.  

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    419 Rider Driver Driver
     1 year ago

    Of course we do why would we give five stars to a tightwad ?