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Uber riders have started giving hearts & choosing drivers that are their favorites. WTH is Uber up to now? Any thoughts.

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8198 Rider Driver
 Posted 5 years, 1 month ago

Wth. Got a tip tonight. This is what came up. I know big bucks. Lol

This is another screenshot I assume this is on riders side of app I think.  Sorry about crappy pic.

Rumor has it that riders will be able to select their favorite drivers and request them. Dont know how that would work. 

I think its possibly just another ploy by Uber to make drivers feel like Uber is doing something for them. That Dara cares:) I choked on that sentence Dara and cares in the same sentence:) Dont think so. We all know how much he cares. Anyway just think this is going to be like the notes and badges. Anyone else get this? What market are you in? What do you think about this? RedAnt and Big Frank waiting on your comments:) Love reading them. 

I know nothing other than what I seen for the 1st time on my app early this morning. Havent driven since Tuesday, got 3 tips but no hearts. This seems to have started yesterday (Friday) 


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    524 Rider Driver
     5 years ago

    Yeah I don't see how this would work... Maybe just placating drivers...

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      OP 8198 Rider Driver
       5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

      I dont either. I think it may just be like the badges and notes we get. So far what I am hearing its only when you get tipped. The guy that tipped and added me was from another country visiting.  Maybe if we are online and within 15 min or less it will show up for rider & we will get ping. Say we decline ride and week later we get that request again we accept and then they are asking why we decllined them. Say we just didnt like the person lol? Who knows what Uber is up to. Lol waiting for one of the rideshare you tubers to find out whats going on:)