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Watching my Uber driver get arrested!

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120 Rider Guru
 Posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Crazy story, I was riding in an Uber when our car got pulled over for speeding. That is when I knew the ride was going downhill, and this driver was crazy. We pulled over and when my driver handed the cop his license, it ended up being expired! So he wasn't even legally allowed to be on the road, and he was driving me through Uber!

I was shocked. I got out of the car right away and called another Uber. Round two went a lot better than the first one!

Has this happened to anyone else before?!


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    207 Driver
     4 years ago

    He must have been driving as someone else.  Uber will nag one to death, way before something expires, to get it fixed.

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    133 Rider
     6 years ago

    I love how you called another Uber. Second time's a charm right?

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    222 Rider
     6 years ago

    How was this guy even allowed to driver for Uber?! That is so crazy.

    That must have been so awkward. Hopefully you weren't stranded on a highway or something.