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What does Uber look for to prevent fraud with their passenger referral system?

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 Posted 6 years ago


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     6 years ago

    They can also check whether your referrals led to many new users who only take one ride.

    Simply query, right?  Just pull you up as a referrer, and then see how many referrals were made and how many rides were taken.  If it's 100 to 100, then they know something is wrong.

    They often do this, not necessarily for the # of rides taken, but for how much you brought in as a referrer, e.g. ambassador.

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     6 years ago

    Uber does and can check if one person is trying to run their app as multiple people.  They can check your IP or your device ID (i.e. IMEI Number, a unique id for your phone)

    They can also check for fake phone numbers that you may have created on sites like Google Phone.

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     6 years ago

    Login from multiple devices.

    Check your Ads ID on your device.  

    Android devices whether it's rooted or not.