Uber Updates Safety Toolkit with 3 New Features

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 31, 2022


Uber Safety Toolkit

When Uber first introduced their Safety Toolkit within the Uber app back in 2018, they essentially launched an “in-app emergency button”. Since then, Uber has added trip sharing, ride verification, and various 911 features. Today, Uber has announced 3 new features to ensure you get where you are going safely.


The New Safety Toolkit Design

To help riders quickly access safety features, Uber has redesigned their Safety Toolkit. With the new design, riders simply have to tap on a large safety shield which will bring them to a variety of large tiles with every safety help option in their area. Uber states that their “goal is to streamline access to and visibility of our most critical safety features— because in an emergency, every second counts.”.


Live Help from an ADT Safety Agent

Previously, when you needed help during an Uber ride you only option was to contact 911. However, through a recent partnership with ADT, Uber now gives their users the option to get help, via phone or text, from a live ADT safety agent. For situations where you need help but it’s not an Emergency, you can simply call or text an ADT agent through the Uber app and they will be able to monitor your trip, stay in contact with you during the duration of your trip, and even reach out to 911 on your behalf if necessary.


911 Text Expansion

In 2019, Uber first rolled out the ability to text 911 after riders stated that they would like the option to discreetly contact 911 while on a trip. After a successful trial in Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Indiana, Uber is now expanding text to 911 to nearly 60% of the US.

According to Uber, “When someone uses the text to 911 feature, the Uber app will pre-populate the initial message with vehicle details, location, and destination information, so you can quickly communicate that information to emergency dispatchers.”


Through Uber’s safety toolkit there are more than ten ways to report a safety incident to Uber, though we hope you never need to utilize any of them. Safe Travels!

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