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Why can't I get a hold of my Uber driver to get my phone I left in his car or anybody at Uber?

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 Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

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     2 years ago

    I left my cell phone in the Lyft car and the driver is refusing to return it... He notified me that he was in possession of it, but hasn't been responding to my emails to make arrangements for retrieval... This occurred on the 23 of July... It's now the 3rd of August... With that being said, I work from an app on my phone...(my only source of income) this long without working is taking a toll financially. Any suggestions

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       2 years ago

      Whatever you do, don't use the GPS to find out where your phone is and go to his house. I've seen too many news articles around that. 

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       2 years ago

      Did you file a claim in the app?  It's designed so you can request the driver to come see you and you pay the fee through the app.

      If you are in touch with the driver, offering a reward proactively may incentivize the driver too.  Why not try?

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     5 years ago

    "Why can't I connect?"  What's the problem?   Maybe your driver is ignoring you?