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Why can't I get a ride?

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 Posted 4 years ago

I live In Auberry ca. My address is 39855 Jose basin Rd. Auberry Calif. 93602. I'm trying to get a ride to Prather ca. To get some food and few other things and then I need a ride back to my home at 39855 Jose basin Rd......I downloaded both apps.  Uber and lyft.and I can't get a ride. Can you please help me get a ride.


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    1602 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    There are VERY FEW drivers working due to Covid-19.  Probably less than 5% of the normal ratio, at least in my market.  Open your APP and watch for cars to pop up.  It could take several minutes.  As SOON as you see a car appear on the map, REQUEST your ride.  The system will not allow you to request a ride if there are no cars available, so act QUICKLY as soon as you see a car appear.  (Cars are much easier to see on the Lyft app, they're super tiny on the Uber map)