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Would you give a minor a ride if you saw they were being abused?

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 Posted 5 months ago

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I have seen a lot of posts recently about giving minors rides which got me thinking, are there any circumstances in which you would give a minor a ride? What if the child was alone in an unsafe part of town? What if the child looked scared with cuts on his/her face? We all know we are not supposed to accept these types of rides but certainly some situations may be forgiven?


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     5 months ago

    If the child was noticeably young then I would have them sit in my car until police came. However, if the child was teetering on being 18 (hard to tell by just looking at them) then I would give them a ride.

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     4 months ago

    Just by reading the subject line of this thread, it makes it sound like "would you pick up a child who is being beatin' on the side of the road". And I hope would hope all people, rideshare drivers or not would have the decency to get that child to a safe space!!

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    97 Driver
     5 months ago

    I think in some of these situations I would call the police. I wouldn't want to risk getting in trouble or in the middle of anything but I would want to verfiy that the child was ok.