GrabFood: How to Order Food through the Grab App

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Oct 21, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


How to Order GrabFood

Grab is rapidly expanding their selection of offerings. Just like Uber with UberEats, Grab has a new feature on their app called "GrabFood". With GrabFood, you can now order snacks or meals from local restaurants through the Grab App to be delievered to your door. Here is how you can order using GrabFood.

  1. Tap Food on your Grab home screen

  2. Confirm your GrabFood delivery address. If you would like to send the food to a friend or family member, make sure to input the correct recipient address at this stage.

  3. Select the restaurant you would like to order from. Depending on your location you will see hundreds to thousands of local restaurants that have partnered with GrabFood.

  4. Once you have chosen your desired restaurant, tap on a food item and tap Add to Basket.
    • At this point you can also add special requests such as allergies to your order.

  5. Once you have added all desired items, tap View Basketto see a full list of the items in your cart
    • After clicking "View Basket" you will have the opportunity to add a promotion code, change your form of payment, and give any specific directions to the delivery driver.

  6. Finally, tape Place Order, and wait for your food to arrive!

GrabFood is currently available almost everywhere Grab is available. Check your app to see if GrabFood is available in your location. Most places deliver between the hours of 7am and 2am, so you can enjoy GrabFood at almost any hour of the day!

Pricing varies based on what you order but you will always be subjected to a $3-$5 delivery fee. To make paying easy, GrabFood accepts a variety of payment methods such as Debit / Credit Cards, GrabPay Credits, Cash, and even PayPal. Please note, however, that cash payments are currently only available for orders below $50. There is no minimum order!

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