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Here are the symptoms of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler in Driver Community , Rider Community 3 years, 11 months ago

Symptoms of covid-19

COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, is sweeping the world as cases break out just about everywhere. While it is easy to give into the panic of this pandemic, it is important for us all as a collective community to stay calm and understand how we can help. With the lack of tests it is very important for each individual to learn the signs and symptoms of the viral illness in order to protect yourself and others from the spread.

Confirmed cases of Coronavirus have had a wide range of severity. Some are mild, while others are more severe and have …

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Driver’s Seat Cooperative Is Changing The Way RideShare Drivers Drive

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler in Driver Community 3 years, 11 months ago

drivers seat cooperative

Startups have always paved the way for new and ingenious ideas for business models. In recent years, startups have been utilizing and experimenting with cooperative business models, meaning workers and even consumers/users are owners in the company. Driver’s Seat isn’t a ride hailing company, but it is designed for ride hailing drivers to know their worth and maximize it in any way they can. 

In an effort to create community and common good, Driver’s Seat is a cooperative, meaning it is driver-owned. They collect and sell mobility data to city agencies to better transportation for all. When the company turns …

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How to get a list of every ride you have taken with Lyft

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 4 years ago

Looking to get a detailed overview of all the Lyft rides you have taken this past year? Perhaps you need the information for work or tax purposes?

Luckily, the Lyft app has a handy 'Ride history' tab that lets you see a detailed overview of every single Lyft ride you have taken since October 2014. To export your ride receipts to hand in to work or to include with your taxes, simply tap ‘Export’ or the download icon in the top right corner of your app. From there, select the rides you wish to export and your will receive a …

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GM’s Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler in Rideshare Knowledge 4 years ago

GM Autonomous Vehicle

GM has proved they are a contender in the electric and autonomous vehicle market. The company announced in mid-January 2020, they have plans to re-engineer the Detroit-Hamtramck to begin producing their electric and autonomous vehicles with a budget of $2.2 billion. The plant will be completely devoted to GM’s electric and autonomous vehicles. 

GM has been making some large changes in their company. They have joined forces with LG Chem to create electric car batteries at a new plant in Lordstown, Ohio. The batteries will be used in the cars produced at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant, which had been scheduled to …

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What is LyftUp?

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler in Rideshare Knowledge 4 years ago

what is lyftup?

LyftUp is a collaboration between Lyft and LeBron James to get free bikes in the hands of eligible 16-20 year olds throughout the country. They hope to empower these young people by providing free, one-year memberships to Lyft’s bikeshare program. The YMCA will be helping with the initiative to identify eligible members for the program.

According to Lyft, “nearly 4.5 million Americans don’t have easy access to affordable, reliable transportation.” Unfortunately, young people are hit the hardest by this statistic. Transportation is crucial for young adults to get to class, practice, jobs, and more. LeBron is spearheading the campaign as …

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