Uber Eats in Miami

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Jul 19, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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Uber is creating, conquering, and revolutionizing the rideshare industry. Uber Eats has become a go to for hungry people not wanting or unable to leave wherever they are at. Miami has captivated people’s attentions and taste buds with its exotic and eclectic background. It is no wonder why Uber Eats is such a popular food option in Miami. Pairing up a foodie city with a comprehensive food app is a stroke of genius. 

Uber Eats is based out of San Francisco, like its parent company. Uber launched the new app and platform in August 2014, and it did not take long for the app to take off across the country and the world. Uber taps into local talent to provide rides to people. Uber Eats combines that local talent with local restaurants to provide and one stop on demand food delivery platform. The app allows customers to browse through a variety of food options. It is a one stop shop for deciding what to eat and ordering with the same simplicity people know and love in ordering a ride; except this time, people don’t go anywhere, the food comes to them. 

The Uber Eats app is its own separate app, but you can use the same login information you use when ordering a ride. The full menus of restaurants are available through the app. All you have to do is enter your address, scroll to choose a restaurant, pick your food, click to order. Food will be delivered to your door between twenty minutes and an hour from when you ordered. Uber Eats used to have a $4.99 delivery fee, but that is no more. They recently introduced a new delivery fee scale based on the distance between your location and the restaurant. Uber Eats analyzed why people were not ordering through the app and found the $4.99 fee was a large deterrent for many. This has now changed. The delivery fee is anywhere between $2 and $8 depending on the distance. Users can now set a cap at how much they want to pay for delivery, and you will only see restaurants within that limit. 

Miami is a very popular foodie destination with foods ranging from ultra luxury to traditional Cuban food on Calle Ocho. Uber Eats customers in Miami have 98 categories of food to choose from ranging from Cuban to Bolivian to Gluten Free to Israeli to Pastries and everything in between. There is no shortage of options. Cuban food is a must in Miami, and there is no restaurant more iconic than Cafe Versailles, which you can now have delivered to your front door with Uber Eats. For Colombian, Fonda la Chismosa is hard to beat. Peruvian cuisine is hard to find outside of Miami, so give CVI.CHE 105 a try. Pepitos Plaza also gets a thumbs up from us for their amazing Venezuelan food and sandwiches.  

Miami is known for its Latin American cuisine, and Uber Eats makes sure there is a wide variety of options available. 

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     2 years ago

        Its John from Miami, USA. I have recently ordered food from UberEats Clone App. It is extremely  fast and secure. I was impressed with multi language interface which is unique and we can add unlimited restaurants too.