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How much does your rideshare driver earn?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 10, 2017


At RideGuru, we believe in full rideshare transparency, not only when it comes to estimated ride prices but also by disclosing how each rideshare company treats their drivers. With so many options available at your fingertips, you have a right to know which companies give back the most to their drivers and which companies keep a higher percentage for themselves. 

This is why we created our Driver Payout feature, which breaks down how much of your total fare is going straight to the driver as opposed to the rideshare company itself. When you search for an estimated fare on RideGuru, you will notice each rideshare estimate that you receive will also have a small notation disclosing how much of the fare your driver will get to keep. If you are curious to learn more about that specific companies commission policies simply click on the link to read more. 

Not only will this feature allow our users the ability to chose their ride based on which companies are treating their drivers the best, but it might also help to foster rideshare tipping, especially in cases where riders see how little some drivers truly make after all expenses.

To read more on how we calculate the Driver Payouts, as well as learn about each rideshare companies commission policy, visit our Driver Payout and Take-Home page.

Happy Ridesharing and lets #KeepRidesharesTransparent 

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