How to get a list of every ride you have taken with Lyft

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Feb 28, 2020


Looking to get a detailed overview of all the Lyft rides you have taken this past year? Perhaps you need the information for work or tax purposes?

Luckily, the Lyft app has a handy 'Ride history' tab that lets you see a detailed overview of every single Lyft ride you have taken since October 2014. To export your ride receipts to hand in to work or to include with your taxes, simply tap ‘Export’ or the download icon in the top right corner of your app. From there, select the rides you wish to export and your will receive a full “Ride Report” email with a receipt for every selected ride.

Please keep in mind that your rides will only show up in your ride history once your payment has been processed. In other words, rides that you just recently took may not show up for about 24 hours. It is also important to note that is you paid for any rides in Lyft credits that the ride history will show your total amount as $0.00. 

There is also a handy feature within the ride history tab that lets you separate your rides between Personal and Business. Once you create your business profile, you can automatically sync your Lyft business rides to your companies expensing system.

You can also use the Ride History feature to add tips after the fact, report lost items, or request price reviews if you believe your driver or Lyft made a mistake.

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