How to Order an Uber through the Apple Watch

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Aug 27, 2019
Updated Jun 20, 2022


Technology is getting smaller and smaller. It is also allowing people to do more with less. Apple Watches have become particularly helpful in day to day life. They are so intuitive, you can even order an Uber from your Apple Watch

The Uber available on the Apple Watch has some limitations, but it can still be used to order a ride and receive notifications about a ride and driver currently en route to your location. The Apple Watch does not allow access to the Split Fare, uberPOOL, Share my ETA, or Contact Driver features. 

Your GPS determines the pickup location. Apple Watch will also use your last vehicle selection and payment method as the default when ordering through the watch. If you want to change these settings, you will have to do so through the app on your phone. 

To order an Uber through your Apple Watch, you need to first wake up your watch by tapping the screen or moving your wrist. Press the power button to see the list of currently open apps; at the bottom of the screen tap the All Apps button. Click on the Uber icon. If it’s your first time ordering through the watch, you will see a message saying you need to sign in or register through the app on your phone. Open the Uber app on your phone and wait until the message goes away. Once the app is open, it will take a moment for the GPS to pinpoint your location. It is impossible to use a different location than your existing one through the Apple Watch. A "REQUEST" button will appear on the bottom of the screen; to order, press it. This will request the nearest Uber matching your most recent ride category. You will receive a notification with a time until your Uber arrives. 

Ordering an Uber through your Apple Watch is quick and easy. Just remember there are limitations to the apps capabilities.    

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