Introducing Uber's Safety Preferences: A Comprehensive Guide to a Secure Ride

Posted by: RideGuru Team Apr 10, 2024


Ensuring safety, particularly during solo nighttime travels, is extremely important for rideshare users. It's concerning that according to Uber, 53% of women have expressed feeling unsafe while walking alone within a mile from their residence. Uber acknowledges this issue and is dedicated to offering solutions that prioritize the safety of all riders.

As of today, Uber riders across the globe can access and create Safety Preferences within the Uber app. This allows riders to effortlessly customize their safety settings for a smoother ride. With Safety Preferences, users can select up to four safety features to automatically activate based on time or location, ensuring a sense of security throughout their ride.

How to Enable Uber Safety Preferences

Safety Preferences are now available in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, with plans for expansion into more countries in the near future. To learn more are Uber's safety preferences click here

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