Lyft's Driver Acceptance Rate

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jul 12, 2022
Updated Jul 12, 2022

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A driver’s acceptance rate plays an important part in their overall success as a rideshare driver. Lyft drivers’ acceptance rates are based on the percentage of ride requests a driver accepts and completes. All Lyft (and other rideshare) drivers have the ability to accept or decline a ride request at any time, however, too many declined rides can negatively impact your rating and thus your earning potential. In every state, except for California, Lyft uses acceptance rates to determine eligibility for certain features and bonuses!

Lyft Acceptance Rate Calculation

According to Lyft, “Your acceptance rate is based on the number of ride requests that you accept and complete. This includes when you drop off a passenger or mark someone as 'no show.' If a passenger cancels a ride request, your acceptance rate won't change.” Further, if you miss a request because of a technical or connectivity issue, Lyft also won’t count this against you.

See the below example from Lyft:

Say you complete 50 rides, you miss two requests, and you cancel one ride. Your acceptance rate would be 94% (50 completed rides out of 53 total requests).

You'll divide 50 completed rides by 53 total ride requests.

50 rides/53 requests = 94%


You can view your Lyft acceptance rate at any time in your Driver Dashboard.

Currently, it is not possible to opt out of Shared ride requests completely, however, if you are uncomfortable giving a Shared ride, you can always decline the request. Declining Shared rides won’t affect your acceptance rate, driver rating, or any ride streaks!

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