Lyft Lux Driver Requirements

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jul 18, 2022
Updated Jul 18, 2022


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Looking to change up your side hustle? Do you have a luxury car at home? Lyft’s Lux drivers earn significantly more per ride than standard Lyft drivers, though in order to level up, driver’s do need to qualify first!

Lyft’s Lux services are available in more than 80 cities throughout the US. There are three services that a driver can qualify to drive for, they are as follows:

How to Qualify as a Lyft Lux Driver

First, in order to be eligible to drive for a Lyft Lux service, you must have a qualifying vehicle (see below) and have a 4.85 driver rating. If you meet those two criteria, you can follow the below steps to opt into receiving Lyft Lux ride requests.

Important, before you opt-in, your qualifying vehicle must be set as your active vehicle. You can set your active vehicle in the ‘Your Vehicles’ tab under the 'Vehicle and Devices' section in your Lyft Driver app.

How to opt in:

  1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Vehicles and Devices.'
  2. Tap 'Your Vehicles.'
  3. Tap 'Ride preferences.'
  4. Select the ride types you want. Be aware that if you choose only Lux ride modes, it may reduce the number of requests you receive.

In the end, if you’d rather not receive Lux requests, simply follow the same steps as above to opt out.

*If your rating falls below 4.85, you'll need to bring it back up with standard requests before you can get Lux rides again!


Qualifying vehicles

Your vehicle needs to be 2015 or newer to qualify for Lyft Lux.

Note: The Lyft Lux vehicle model requirement is 2016 and newer in Houston, Texas.

Lyft Lux models

Lux Black models

Lux Black vehicles must be 2017 or newer, and the exterior color must be black.

Lux Black XL models

Lux Black XL vehicles must be 2017 or newer, and the exterior color must be black.

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    To offer a Lux or Lux Black ride, the driver must have a minimum Driver Rating of 4.85. For new passengers, the standard he must offer is Lyft or Lyft carpool until the rating is 4.85. If your rating falls below his 4.85, you will need to raise your rating with a standard request before you can receive Lux's vehicle. https://www.walgreenslistens.me/

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