Lyft’s Reward Program: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Jul 17, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Lyft Rewards Program

The rideshare industry is incredibly competitive, which is why Lyft is upping the ante with their rewards program. In September, 2018, they hit one billion rides, so it’s no wonder they are making the already popular platform even more incentivized. Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about Lyft's Reward Program.

Can anyone use the reward program? 

Yes! Lyft Rewards is open to everyone using Lyft. There are different reward programs depending on your account, though.

How do I sign up for Lyft Rewards?

Whenever you use the Lyft app to get around, you'll automatically earn points for every dollar you spend. No need to sign up!

What kind of rewards do I earn? 

Currently you can unlock rewards or upgrades to use Lyft Lux. You could also use those points towards a future ride to save some money. Lyft is always working to make their platform better, and that includes the rewards program. In the future, the rewards could evolve to include upgraded rides, double points days, experienced drivers, and more. 

How do I earn Lyft rewards? 

Rewards shouldn’t be hard, and Lyft knows that. They’re making this program as simple as possible. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn points. When you earn enough points, you will be able to use those towards something. 

What are the three Lyft reward programs? 

The three programs are the All-Access Program, Business Rewards, and Delta SkyMiles. The All-Access Program is a little bit different than the other rewards programs. For Business Rewards, you must have a business profile; this has been active since February. If you are a Delta SkyMiles member, you can rack up some points to your next flight everytime you ride with Lyft. 

What is the Lyft All-Access Program? 

The All-Access program is for frequent Lyft users and works like a subscription plan. For $299 a month, you have up to 30 Lyft rides of up to $15 each. If you use more than those 30 rides, you get 5% off any additional rides. You can cancel the plan at any time. 

How do I know how many Lyft rewards I have? 

You can track how many rewards you have directly in the app. It will show you how many rewards’ points you have and how close you are to your next reward. 

When did the Lyft reward program start? 

Lyft Rewards was first rolled out in December of 2018 in select cities to select riders. The program is being rolled out in 2019, and more riders are gaining access to the program all the time. When you are eligible to be a part of the reward program, you will receive an email or notification from Lyft letting you know. 

Will the rewards program stay the same? 

Yes and no. Yes it will keep existing, but just like Lyft, the rewards program will keep changing to keep up with customers’ wants and needs. Updates can roll out at any time making the reward program even better than before. 

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