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Lyft's new loyalty program

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 03, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


On February 27th, ride sharing service Lyft announced that they were starting a new loyalty program! At the moment the loyalty program is exclusively for travelers who join Lyft’s business program.

Lyft’s loyalty program gives incentives in the form of Lyft credit. For every five rides over $10 that a rider takes, Lyft will return $5 in Lyft credit to the customer. If you consistently take rides just over $10, you will see almost a 10% kickback on your Lyft rides! Of course, this percentage diminishes the longer and more expensive journeys you take with Lyft. Also, at this time, there does appear to be an earnings credit cap of $100.

As mentioned the loyalty program is currently only available for Lyft for Business riders, a service which lets riders manage two Lyft accounts on one phone in an effort to keep business and personal rides and expenses separate. While most everyday riders may not currently have a business account, there is no penalty to sign up for one, even if you do not need it for business. In other words, it is completely free and easy to sign up if you are interested in using Lyft’s loyalty program.

Let us know if you test out Lyft’s new loyalty program and happy riding!

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