Uber’s New ExpressMatch at Select Airports

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 31, 2020
Updated Aug 31, 2020

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In an effort to reduce wait times and overcrowded curbs at airports, Uber has rolled out a new program called ExpressMatch. According to Uber ExpressMatch improves ride safety, efficiency, and consistency by combining the best parts of their Prematch and PIN technology. Uber claims that through ExpressMatch, rider wait time at airports will be cut down to almost zero.

How does ExpressMatch Work?

Uber has dug through a lot of their data and has created an algorithm that can anticipate rider demand and number of requests at various airports in advance. With this knowledge they are able to send drivers to the airport before the requests come through to wait at the curb for riders to exit. Riders, once they request a ride, will then be matched with a driver who is already parked at the curb for a quicker pick up experience. As a rider, you do not need to request any specific type of car or service for ExpressMatch, Uber will automatically implement this feature when you request a car inside the airport grounds.

The Benefits of Express Match

Uber has seen a 40%-65% decrease in wait times at airports where they have rolled out ExpressMatch. Through this new feature they hope to achieve 3 main benefits.

  1. Safety. Traveling during Covid poses significant dangers and Uber wants to do their part to cut down on some of risk. By cutting down wait time, riders won’t be crowded on the curb together, thus promoting healthy social distancing among travelers.
  2. Speed. With ExpressMatch, getting a ride will be quicker than ever, allowing you to get to your destination even faster.
  3. Efficiency. By determining in advance how many vehicles are needed at any given time, Uber is able to increase driver efficiency and reduce their wait time.


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