RideGuru Now Supports Taxi Contact Information

Posted by: RideGuru Team Dec 05, 2016
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Through Google Places, RideGuru is now able to give users a full list of all taxi companies within their desired travel location. This allows users to easily call or book a taxi with just the click of a button, making calling a taxi from RideGuru as easy as hailing a ridehail car.

Not only can customers view the available taxi companies near their location, they can also view each company’s rating to find the most popular or highest rated company. This allows travelers to book a taxi without having to research and sift through dozens of taxi companies.

To find the available taxi companies in your area, simply search your route by entering your starting and ending location. Then click on “call taxi” on the taxi fare card to view contact information and ratings for various taxi companies in your travel location.

Happy Riding!

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