Brazil's 99, Easy Taxi, and Jayride now on RideGuru

Posted by: RideGuru Team May 15, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Three new rides have joined the ranks on RideGuru! Meet 99, Easy Taxi, and Jayride. Search for a fare in your area using our Fare Comparison Calculator to see if any of these new services are available in your city!


99 (formerly 99Taxis) is a rideshare company based in Brazil. In 2018, DiDi acquired 99 but the process of ordering a 99 car is still the same. 99 works the same as many other rideshare applications, download the app, order your car, track your driver, enjoy your ride, and pay via the app (or in cash!) at the end. 99 has 4 different services, 99Pop (standard rideshare vehicles similar to UberX), 99 (discounted traditional taxis), 99Top (luxury vehicles), Common Taxi (Taximeter Taxis that allow you to travel faster in the bus lane). 99 is currently available in over 300 Brazilian cities

Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is an on-demand car service based in South America that hails an existing traditional taxi through the Easy Taxi smartphone app. With Easy Taxi you can hail and track your taxi in real time. At the end of the ride your payment will be taken from your on file credit card or you can pay your driver directly in cash. You will also be able to rate your driver. Easy Taxi also has the option to book a private driver (economy or premium rides) in select cities.


Jayride is an international aggregator of airport transfer companies, in other words, Jayride specializes in connecting travelers with rides to or from airports. Jayride does not personally own its own fleet, but instead works with local transfer companies around the world. With Jayride you can choose to schedule either a shared (cheaper) or private ride. Jayride does not offer on demand rides, so you will need to schedule your ride in advance. You will pay for your ride when you schedule so there will be no surprise charges at the end of your trip. Jayride is available in hundreds of cities around the world.

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