Uber vs. Lyft vs. Taxi: Cost Analysis Across the United States

Posted by: RideGuru Team Apr 10, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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The price of rideshare and taxi transportation can vary significantly from one area of the United States to another. Many times we will find our fans asking questions about why a 3 mile taxi ride in Boston, MA is twice as much as the same ride in Savannah, GA. These questions are often followed by accusations that a taxi or rideshare driver must have ripped them off. However, many times this is not the case and unfortunately, travelers have to learn the hard way that transportation costs can differ greatly across the country. 

This is one of the main reasons why we created our RideGuru Fare Comparison Calculator, to give travelers a heads up as to what their ride will cost all around the globe. While our RideGuru fare calculator can give you the estimated travel cost for any specific trip from point "A" to point "B" we thought it would be fun to look at Uber, Lyft, and Tradtional Taxi rates across the country to see how prices as a whole vary based on location. This mini series of infographics takes a look at the costs of rideshare transportation across 5 major cities on the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and Southwest.

Maybe not surprising is which area of the country has the cheapest rates overall, but you might be surprised by the one city where it is cheaper to take a traditional taxi than an Uber (even when surge pricing is turned off!).

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