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RideGuru now supports Sheprd, a rideshare service for kids

Posted by: RideGuru Oct 02, 2018
Updated Oct 02, 2018



Sheprd is a modified rideshare service for children based in Newton, MA. Sheprd organizes popular ride routes from various activity facilites (YMCA, dance studios, camps, etc) within the town of Newton. Each ride within Newton costs a flat rate of $17, if your desired ride goes outside of Newton town limits you will be charged per mile and per minute fees as well. To check the estimated cost of your Sheprd ride use our Fare Comparison Calculator.

School aged children from K-12 grade are eligible to ride with Sheprd and Sheprd will try to match up routes for multiple children so your child will most likely share their ride with other kids heading to the same activities. All Sheprd vehicles are Land Rover SUVs complete with in-car WiFi, TV, and phone chargers. Sheprd is currently only availabe in Newton, MA. The Sheprd app is available on iOS devices.

Want to try out Sheprd? Use Code "RIDEGURUSHEPRD" to get your first ride free!

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