Uber Versus Lyft: Driver Edition

Posted by: RideGuru Team May 31, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Rideshare drivers – this one’s for you! Ever wonder which rideshare company is the best to drive for? Companies like Uber and Lyft provide similar benefits, such as flexibility in scheduling, driving your own car, and more... but what sets the companies apart?

Especially with the introduction of new rideshare companies left and right, it can become difficult for drivers to see the differences between the companies, and choosing the best one for them to drive for. Many drivers have historically preferred Uber over Lyft because of the larger quantity of rides available for them. Lyft drivers tended to have more downtime between rides, meaning less opportunities to pick up rides and make more money.

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We try to stay unbiased, but admittedly, Lyft’s new feature for drivers definitely gives it a new unique proposition for drivers.

Lyft recently announced they will be offering scheduled rider pickups for drivers. Typically, as a rideshare driver, you would sign in and wait for a rider request to populate in the system. These rider requests are based on where you are located and where the person requesting a ride is located. Lyft’s new feature gives drivers a second option besides having to wait for a rider request to come in. Now, drivers can choose to pick up a planned rider request, up to 7 days in advance!

This driver flexibility is the ultimate benefit for drivers. Now, not only can Lyft drivers choose their own hours, they have the opportunity to schedule rides when it is convenient for them, with a guarantee they will not be sitting idle in their car waiting for a rider request. It might even entice some Uber drivers to switch over to Lyft, since having scheduled rides means less downtime, which was an original downfall of driving for Lyft vs. Uber.

Of course, this new feature requires riders to schedule their Lyft rides in advance. The major benefit for riders in scheduling in advance is that they can guarantee a ride when they need it most, like during rush hour. In busy times, it can be difficult to request a ride on the spot with the streets full of riders all looking for the same ride.

More and more consumers are scheduling rides in advance, because it is convenient for the passenger when they have somewhere they need to be at a specific time, such as an airport or appointment.

So, which rideshare service is best for drivers? Right now, rideshare drivers across the country tend to be gravitating towards Lyft with concerns over Uber’s not-so-ideal reputation. Uber drivers are contractors and not full-time employees, but even so, the recent news about Uber going through a sexual assault investigation is unsettling for many drivers across the world.

Another distinguishing factor for drivers may be the incentive to receive tips. Currently, both Uber and Lyft do not require passengers to give tips. However, the Lyft application allows users to add a tip through their mobile payment, whereas Uber does not allow in-app tipping.

Your choice as to which service you want to drive for may also be influenced by a number of other factors, such as how much money goes directly to the driver, and where each service is more popular and widely used.

At RideGuru, we provide unbiased estimates of rideshare costs to and from any two locations. Our cost estimates let you know how much of the total fare goes right to the driver, as opposed to Uber and Lyft. You can also check out all of the rideshare services that operate in your area, and who knows, you may find a smaller company besides Uber or Lyft that is right for you!

Felicia is a Ride Guru at RideGuru. She recently graduated from Bentley University with a B.S. in Marketing and minor in Computer Information Systems. She is an avid rideshare user who enjoys both domestic and international travel.

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