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Uber Services Around the World

Posted by: felicia Oct 02, 2016


You may have used Uber in the United States, but did you know that Uber operates all around the world? In fact, Uber operates in hundreds of cities, and is continuing to grow. However, navigating Uber in all these different cities can be difficult, so we are here to give you some tips on how Uber differs from place to place!

In most cities in the US, the following are the guidelines for the services Uber offers, listed from the least expensive option to the most expensive. However, depending on the population of the city and the demand for Uber rides, some of the smaller cities only offer UberX and UberXL, while the more populous cities such as Los Angeles include a majority of these services.

UberPool: share your ride with another party

UberX: standard vehicles for groups up to 4 people

UberTaxi: taxis registered with Uber

UberXL: standard vehicles for groups up to 6 people

UberBlack: high-end cars with professional service

UberSUV: high-end SUVs with professional service

UberLUX: luxury vehicles with professional service

In Europe and across the world, some of the services for Uber are different than in the United States. Additional Uber services found outside of the United States are listed below!

UberPOP: The UberX for Europe

UberGreen: uses electric and hybrid vehicles

UberBerline: the original standard Uber

UberVan: an Uber fit for up to 7 people

These services, along with UberX, are standard across many European cities, including Paris and others!

The services listed below are unique to London, United Kingdom.

UberExec: executive quality vehicles and services

UberWav: described as the "cheap, fast, and reliable" service.

Introduced recently in various cities across Australia, a new service called UberAssist gives rides to seniors and people with disabilities in order to accomodate them.

There are also individual cities that offer services unique to their location, such as Amsterdam, Netherlands, which offers a service called UberBike where, when requested, a car with a bike rack will come pick you and your bicycle up!

To find a list of all the cities Uber is currently operating, check out their cities page or use RideGuru to see the options available in your city!

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