What is Lyft Business?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Feb 09, 2022
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Lyft for business


Lyft Business is a specialized service that allows businesses the option to provide seamless rides for employees, customers, or guests. There are a few services within the Lyft Business portal that are tailored to different businesses needs such as; Travel, Commute, Events, Courtesy, Healthcare, and Higher Education. Keep reading below for a breakout of each service type.


Lyft’s Business Travel allows employees to easily use Lyft to book a car on the companies account. This allows for the company to pay for all business rides directly and for receipts to automatically be filed within the company’s profile for expense reports. 


Lyft’s Commute offering ensures that employees will always have a safe and reliable ride to and from work. Similar to Lyft’s Travel option, the Commute option allows workers to take daily rides to and from the office on the company’s account, streamlining payments and receipts.


Lyft Courtesy is a more unique option that allows businesses to schedule rides for people who don’t have the Lyft app (or for clients you may want to impress!). With Lyft Courtesy, you can send a car to whoever you want whenever it is needed, taking all the legwork off the rider!


If your company hosts large events you can use Lyft Business to set up multiple rides for attendees instead of using a shuttle service.


Lyft Healthcare allows companies to book rides for patients who need help making it to their appointments. Please keep in mind this is only for “non-emergency” healthcare rides.

Higher Education

Finally, the Higher Education section of the Lyft for Business service allows college campuses across the United States to provide transportation for their students, professors, and staff. One benefit of advanced scheduled transportation for Colleges and Universities is the ability to be able to cut down on parking lot space!

How Do I Sign My Business up for Lyft Business?

Now that we have outlined the major uses of Lyft Business, you may be wondering how exactly you can sign up for Lyft Business. The first step would be to visit this page here on Lyft.com and fill out the form. A representative will get in touch with you to set up your Lyft Business Portal.

Once you have a Business Portal set up, you can send links to your employees allowing them to create individual business profiles that will connect into your portal. This allows you to manage everyone’s rides from one central location. Employees can toggle between their personal and business accounts within their own apps.

It is important to note that Lyft Business is a subscription plan, costing $299 a month for each Lyft Business Portal. This fee does include up to 30 $15 rides ($450 in value) for your employees or customers to use each month! If the trip costs more than $15, the passenger pays the difference unless you have activated auto-pay, then your company credit card will pay the remainder.

While, the cost seems like a no brainer with the $450 credit, the price of rides on a Lyft Business account do tend to be a little more expensive than standard Lyft rides. Lyft states that this is to cover the account management perks of the business portal.

Benefits of Lyft Business Accounts

Not only can Lyft Business accounts streamline your transportation needs but they also provide some neat additional features such as:

  1. Through the Lyft Business Portal your organization can track the Lyft drivers so you know when clients or guests will be arriving.
  2. The app automatically translates ride information into the user’s default phone language! This works great for any international guests you may be hosting. 
  3. Expense tracking. Through the Lyft Business Portal, every receipt that comes through will be automatically sent to an expense tracking system to help keep your financial records organized. 
  4. Employees will earn a $5 ride credit on every business ride! Further, employees can use these credits for their own personal use.

Support Help for Lyft Business

Another benefit of using Lyft Business is you will be eligible for support help 24/7. The main way to get in touch with Lyft’s Business support is through the site’s online chat feature.

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