Breaking Down Your Uber Rating: Find Out How Many 1 Star Ratings You Have Been Given!

Posted by: RideGuru Team Feb 16, 2022


Uber Ratings Breakdown

Has your Uber rating suddenly dropped? Do you ever wonder which of your drivers gave you a poor review and why?

Uber is finally opening the curtain on ratings and showing riders and drivers exactly how their rating is calculated. Now, within the Uber app, users will be able to see how many 5 star ratings, 1 star ratings, and every star rating in between that they have received over the years. This is the first time Uber is sharing this breakdown of data with their users and frankly, we find it quite fascinating!

According to Uber’s newsroom, starting today, all Uber users will have access to a breakdown of their average rating in the Uber app’s new Privacy Center. In addition to viewing ratings, users can also review their past trip information, payment details, and control marketing preferences in the new Privacy Center.

To access the Privacy Center and your "ratings breakdown" in the app follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the settings menu, tap “privacy” and then “Privacy Center”.
  1. In the Privacy Center, swipe to the right and click on the “would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber” tile.
  2. Scroll down to the “browse your data” section and tap on “View my ratings” to see your breakdown.


Your Uber rating is the average of your last 500 trips. If you find that you have multiple low star ratings you may want to try and improve your rating in order to get picked up quicker in the future. Our team has combed through our past surveys and popular forum posts to find the top 5 reasons why drivers give out 1, 2, or 3 star reviews. 

  1. Be on time. The number one pet peeve of Uber drivers is having to wait for a rider. Time is money to any rideshare driver so be respectful and be waiting on the curb when your car arrives! 
  2. Don't leave a mess. Drivers constantly complain about riders bringing smelly foods and leaving wrappers and soda bottles in their car. Anything you bring into an Uber car you should be bringing back out! 
  3. Don't slam the car door. This one always surprises riders, who often don't eve realize they are slamming the car door! According to Uber, Drivers often cite "slammed car door" when deducting stars, so make sure to gently close those doors.
  4. Respect. This may seem like a no brainer, but remember to always be courteous and polite to your driver. Avoid hot topics such as politics, treat their vehicle as if it were your own, and don't make unreasonable requests. 
  5. Don't get sick in your Uber! And, finally, the golden rule, do not throw up in your Uber vehicle! If you feel sick, make sure to ask your driver to pull over immediately. Throwing up in your Uber car will almost always immediately result in a 1 star review!

Have you taken a look at your Uber rating breakdown yet? Let us know on the forum if you were surprised by any of your numbers!

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