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92 miles Round trip with 1.5 hour wait does uber do that

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 Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

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     5 years ago


    I run a company called SITBAQ. It is based on reservations so it is easier to set this up. We can provide two trips 1.5 hours apart, basically you just set up the time. Also, you can see the driver assigned to you, and in most cases you will want to have the save driver which is doable. We are only in CA right now. Our max distance is 150miles on a ride as well. 

    Where are you? Maybe I can help directly if you are here. 

    I hope this helps! 

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     5 years ago

    You might as well drop the app and just negotiate with a driver firsthand.  It'd be much cheaper. 

    heck, hire a limo for 3 hours by the hour.  It'd be cheaper, I bet.