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How long do drivers typically wait for passengers before they cancel the trip?

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 Posted 5 years, 7 months ago


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    622 Rider Driver
     5 years ago

    Gosh, everyone is so dry about this. We are dealing with people, folks!

    It's all about the communication.  As long as the customer keeps me abreast of what's going on, I will wait a pretty while even beyond the five. 

    Heres a tip for other drivers.  If the pax is running late, ask them where they're going.  If they're going far and it is a lucrative trip, wait longer. If it's five minutes, hang up and cancel. 

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    86 Driver
     5 years ago

    Depends on the surge too. If it's 2.5x, I will wait for a long time.  ...though, maybe that's not smart because maybe I can be getting over surge trips. 

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    810 Driver
     5 years ago

    I wait 5 minutes to collect $5.00 no show fee.

    On long rides I will call passenger to see how long and will typically accomodate them.

    On short rides 5 is max (lyft will show where we are taing them while we wait), Uber does not show so I will use same logic, 5 min for Uber X to get $3.75 fee

    On scheduled rides that I acccepted (Lyft) I wait 5 miunutes as cancellation fee is $10.00 vs. $5.00 for regular rides call passeneger to see what's up

    Really there should be no reason for passenger not to be out in time, system notifies passengers that car is approaching way before car gets there.

    Shared rides 2 minutes and I will not call passenegr, just wait out 2 min, no show and move on

    Oh and a passenegr gets lower mark from me - my time is valuable too!

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    1072 Rider Driver
     5 years ago

    It depends on how busy things are when you request the ride.  For some riders I'll wait 5 minutes if things are slow.  If things are busy, I wait 2 min, mark you as a no show and cancel so I can grab another ride.

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    189 Driver
     5 years ago

    FIVE MINUTES.  Not a second longer!!  (see, that's when we can collect the no-show.)

    You better run, because I a gonna start driving exactly at 5:00.  Catch me if you can.