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Are the drivers fees in addition to the total cost?

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453 Rider
 Posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Is the fare just 12.88 or 12.88 + the 8.63 the driver makes? Or is it just letting me no how much of the fare goes to the driver

The Guru Take


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    1602 Rider Driver
     5 years ago

    Whatever price the APP shows you for your trip destination is YOUR total cost.  From that price the driver will be paid his portion of the fare which will typically be around 50% on short rides and approx 70% on longer rides. 

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    1072 Rider Driver
     5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

    LOL @ the driver making $8.63 on a $12 fare.

    A more accurate example (from today)

    Rider pays:  $7.95

    Uber receives:  $3.75

    Driver receives:  $3.70

    Other fees/insurance:  $0.50

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    1202 Rider Driver Guru
     5 years ago

    No, the driver fees are NOT in addition to the total cost.  The fare displayed already includes the drivers' fees.