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Boeing's first test flight of air taxi a success as it works on making Uber Air a reality

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 Posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

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Is it just me or is anyone else not impressed with this news? Apparently after a year there air taxi is able to take off, hover, and land again. Whoop dee doo. I wish Uber would stop trying to reinvent the wheel and be all "trendy af"



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     8 months ago

    I am way more excited for this tech than for those stupid autonomous vehicles. I mean flying cars has been a futuristic thing FOREVER!

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       8 months ago

      ya but I bet it wont be long till one of these flying taxis kills someone just like Ubers self driving car did. No thank you, I will driver myself.

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     8 months ago

    Bets on when this will actually be available? I read an article every other day claiming this kind of tech is "coming soon". I call BS.

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    36 Rider
     8 months ago

    haha, I mean they are making a sleek helicopter that can manuever around a city so while this doesn't sound too impressive I think it's actually quite amazing. I wish I had the mental capacity to just invent things like this.