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Don't Trust Uber's Schedule in Advance

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 Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

I scheduled 24 hrs in advance, I got an email confirmation, at the appointed time.....nothing happened.!!!

So I requested in the normal way and a driver showed up within 5 minutes.

I reported this to Uber and got a response which said, "no drivers were available"

What nonsense..!!

And no feedback - nothing.

If your ride is important DON'T USE UBER


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    810 Driver
     3 years ago

    if scheduling in advance I recommend using Lyft, Lyft actually makes the scheduled trips visible to drivers as soon as one is scheduled, so drivers can plan and add those rides to their que. This will increase passenger's chance to actually get picked up, especially if the ride is profitable 

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    253 Driver
     3 years ago

    Yep. I don't trust it. Never have. All they do is basically push the button for you at the appointed time. If there happen to be no drivers available you are screwed. 

    In your case it sounds even worse since evidently there WERE drivers available. So who knows.

    In any case, I always recommend people just book a real limo/shuttle company for early morning airport rides, etc., from suburban places where rideshare drivers might be hard to come by. The peace of mind is worth the slight extra cost IMO.

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      756 Rider Guru
       3 years ago

      FWIW, at RideGuru we are actively working on adding more limo companies to our fare calculator. We have found that advanced booking is a point of anxiety for many users, and it's a service that limo companies fill perfectly well. 

      Many limo companies offer APIs with quotes for airport rides (etc), which means we can offer accurate pricing. For the near term we will send you to their website where you can book the ride through them. Longer term, we hope to actually offer booking directly through RideGuru.

      Look for it on our fare calculator over the next few months as we roll these out bit by bit throughout the world.

      Having said that, in most places now we already offer links to limo companies on our fare calculator, where you can at least see what's available in the area and then go to their website for a firm quote. You will see cards like this in those cases:

      Happy scheduling!

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    213 Driver
     3 years ago

    Yep, Uber's scheduling feature is pretty much just an auto-request button. If you want to truly schedule a ride where a driver sees your fare and prepares for it ahead of time, older-school services like Blacklane and GroundLink offer that. But they're way more expensive. 

    Lyft's scheduling feature allows drivers to accept rides in advance but there aren't great guarantees in place to incentive drivers to actually show up.

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     3 years ago

    Ya, Uber's scheduling in advance is a big joke.