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He Has Driven for Uber Since 2012. He Makes About $40,000 a Year.

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 Posted 12 months ago


Uber driver's favorite passenger review:  “Dude drove like a cabdriver.”


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     12 months ago

    You know this reminds me of the stories I would hear about the coal miners back in the old days. they were paid so little that all they could do was keep working in the mines just to get by, the pay was set just perfectly so that each miner would never have enough to actually get out of debt and move away. A type of slavery for sure. Meanwhile the owners got filthy rich. Sounds just like Uber to me... Some things never change.

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     12 months ago

    Is this fiqure the Gross ?  In NYC a gross of $40000  is a average net of  $26000

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     12 months ago

    Why such a creepy picture?! Is he holding his own face with a taxi car smashed into it? AHHH

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       12 months ago

      Actually...(pulled in parts from the article) “On days off, Mr. Ashlock, an artist, has created mixed-media heads of public figures who irritate him. Mr. Kalanick was an inevitable choice. The entrepreneur’s hair is made of shredded currency, painstakingly glued on a strip at a time. A Yellow Cab is crashing into his left cheek. There is a tattoo of Ayn Rand, the high prophet of selfishness, on his neck.

      “The sculpture makes me smile,” Mr. Ashlock said. “It’s the only thing about Uber that does.”

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        83 Driver
         11 months ago

        Hahaha, this is great. 

        He really doesn't like Uber, huh!

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    121 Rider
     12 months ago

    Sounds about right, this is the sad nature of Uber drivers.