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How is Covid-19 affecting your city?

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78 Driver
 Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Drivers, Riders, what are you seeing out there? Is service slow? Have you stopped working all together? Would love to hear everyone's stories from their own corners of this world!


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    198 Driver
     9 months ago

    I was out and about yesterday running errands for some people who can’t get out. While doing that I was online with Uber and Lyft for almost three hours in upstate New York. Didn’t get one ping, very depressing!  Nobody going anywhere! Hope Everyone out there is well, do your best to stay safe and if you can, say a little prayer for me and all of us! Thanks!😊

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     9 months ago

    If I decide to file for unemployment for Uber eats will I still be able to work for Uber eats after covid-19 is over