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New York City taxi gang forces couple to pay $470 for 10-minute ride

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581 Rider
 Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Driver offers to drive this couple from JFK into Manhattan, ends up being a scammer and somehow fleecing them for $470. An age-old story, but this is a particularly egregious telling...

According to Nickels, they got in the car of a man who stood in the airport entrance and offered them a cab to their hotel. Nickels, from Derby, assumed it would go on the meter and cost $50.

Instead, the pair was led to a private car park away from the taxi rank and into a minibus driven by a second man.

"He started explaining to us that there were new toll fees for going between borough and over bridges," recalled Craig. "He then told me to take me to Manhattan it was going to be $900. Me and the Mrs couldn't believe what we were hearing. I told him to pull over."

"We only had $900 total. I panicked. I had the engagement ring in the back in the bags," he said. "I knew it was supposed to be 50 or 60 dollars but I started to get scared. There were two guys and I had no idea what they were going to do.



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