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If you order a Lyft XL you might get a chance to ride in the WienerMobile!

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131 Rider
 Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

"A few lucky Lyft riders who request a Lyft XL in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta will be surprised with the hot-doggiest ride in town from Wednesday, 8/25/21 through Friday, 8/27/21. The Wienermobile will be piloted by two five-star drivers, the Oscar Mayer Hot Doggers. Riders on the Wienermobile will enjoy their ride with music, neon lights, free shirts, hot dog masks, and Weinermobile shaped whistles (aka Weenie Whistles), all the way to their final destination."



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     2 weeks ago

    How is there no photo of this wiener mobile.  does lyft even know what will be showing up?

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    258 Driver
     2 weeks ago

    A portion of our hard earned money goes to this crap advertising. Infuriating.  why seriously.

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     2 weeks ago

    When these companies start pulling these desperate marketing tactics, you know there's something whacky going on.

    Why are they advertising to end users anyways. There's such massive driver shortage, I feel like this is misdirected