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Man who forced Uber driver to go to ATM and held him hostage gets 12 years in prison.

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38 Rider Driver
 Posted 11 months ago

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My favorite part of this story is that the driver only had $12 in his checking account. Sounds about right, lol



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    251 Driver
     11 months ago

    You really cannot make this up.

    "The pair forced the driver to take them to an ATM, but the driver only had $12 in his checking account and the cash machine would not dispense any money, police said. The pair kept the driver hostage for about an hour before stopping in a Walmart parking lot near Glen Ellyn. The driver was able to run away, and the two men drove away with his car, according to police."

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    107 Rider Driver
     11 months ago

    Who in their right mind would rob an Uber driver. Most of us are dead broke lol

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    83 Driver
     11 months ago

    That is why i have dash cams and pepper spray. Some pax are crazy.

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    93 Rider Driver
     11 months ago

    The media loves making Uber drivers the bad guys, glad to see they are sharing both sides of the story. I have had my fare number of crazy passengers.

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       11 months ago

      so you are saying you'd rather see Uber drivers as victims.

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     11 months ago