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Riders ridiculously unfair

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 Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

My GF is kind, accomodating and professional-also the car smells fine--I see to it.

One in every 50 riders gives her a 1! A one!!!

This is the problem with the rating system--its completely ridiculous if riders aren't giving valid reasons for ULTRA LOW ratings!

I'm guessing odors from last riders (people who bathe in perfume or cigarette smoke) might be an issue sometimes but they've also said communication was one of the issues.

I can understand a 4 but a ONE!? She's not an ignorant troll. She's not too talkative either.

Wtf is wrong with people? Her rating is slowly going down because of these meanies. Elsewise she gets lots of praise... she goes out of her way to help people.

Its totally nuts.


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    1602 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    I've done a couple thousand rides and my overall average is 4.93 BUT one thing that i've noticed and it irritates me beyond words is that I've had 2 one's in the past 12 months and I KNOW there is NO WAY i would EVER deserve that.  (These are my first in four years)  Had someone say I "made them uncomfortable"...  are you KIDDING me!!!  If you knew me you would KNOW how crazy it is to even suggest that.  A consummate sales professional of 30 years with a stellar career - i really DO know how to deal with people.  Complete and utter BS and undoubtedly to get a free ride.  

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    1072 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    Riders can be elitist and judgmental assholes.  That's why.   Many male passengers harshly critique our driving because bullshit "women driver" stereotypes persist and empower them to do so.  

    The best advice I can offer is to not let it get to you.  If you let it bother you It'll fester and eat you away inside until you snap.  The rideshare companies know that their rating systems are useless as a quality control metric, however it works perfectly as a tool to manipulate naive drivers into taking bad/unprofitable/unsafe runs that benefit Uber/Lyft.  Ignore ratings unless your numbers start to drop below 4.8.  

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